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The best products don’t focus on features,
they focus on clarity.
— Jon Bolt




Leonard, the guy talking to you, is a Berlin-based interaction designer. Yes, this is the typical introduction which you have read more than thousand times. But what does it stand for? What do i stand for? I'm not into crappy phrases and established routines. My passion leads me to the depth of developing brand values and communication which is not the type that costumers are sick and tired of. Language is more than a tool we use in everyday life. It is my goal to cross the line over to meanings which don't last only until tomorrow.

If you see what I mean and need some support in your project or vision articulation, or transformation: Just let me know and we can have a coffee: mail@leonardjung.com

Facts and reasons:

  • Bachelor and Master of Arts at the University of Arts Berlin (surprise surprise!).

  • Research in contemporary phenomenons: Crowdfunding, Storytelling and the unused potential of semantic spaces within advertisement.

  • Tutor at the Studium Generale while i was studying: No borders member at the PhD board: Interested in seeing what others do and think.

  • Founder of two corporations: I don't wait for demands to be active.

  • Interaction Designer at a strong design studio called IXDS: Design doesn't start with dysfunctional beauty. It starts from scratch and leads to coherent thoughts. 

  • Freelancer at several projects: "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

  • Adventure seeker: Burning Man in Nevada, marathon in Berlin, bike tour from Kassel (GER) to the coast in south of Montpellier (FR). This experiences gave me impressions I later connected to something new.

  • Networking without agenda: I know what I can and where i want to go. Other people have nevertheless my whole attention and respect.

  • Special interests: photographing, traveling, kitesurfing, seeing, feeling and thinking.



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