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edison glow case study


Case Study

Client: edison glow
Year: 2015 - current
Role: Co-Founder & Designer


A friend and I discovered the danish way of living when we were travelling to Copenhagen in 2014. There was a part of the culture we were very fascinated about: in the cafés at the corners of the streets was this smouldering light that was shining out and was very visible even from hundreds of metres away. This atmosphere felt very unique and many things that are inspiring and new to yourself, it's hard to directly name it. We later found out that this feeling has a name: Danish people call it "hygge". What we knew? We were sure that we wanted to bring this feeling home.

There is a moment before you are getting active and giving something a shape. Most people wouldn't consider a silent sitting person as an active one. What the most people forget? This is the silence before the storm. The moment where you can feel deep inside of yourself that something is coming up. It's the moment of contemplation. You get in contact with yourself and observe all your feelings and thoughts that go through your body and head. For me its personally something that happens most times in the evening when it's dark. It's a condition in between awake and falling asleep although you are highly aware. 

We believed that every person has these moments where you want to feel sheltered and protected. Especially when you consider our daily lives with all it's hectical moments. Today most houses in Germany have no fire places anymore.

With all these reason in our minds we were looking for a way to offer potential customers a product we were more than convinced of.



Design a user experience that triggers an emotional pleasure and addresses the needs of the customer. Create an easy-to-use configurator that allows the user to create his own favourite hang.



Our revenue expectations were fairly low. Our primary goal was it to make our customers happy. And also the potential ones. We faced the biggest challenge with the fact that electricity is a topic that is therefore a) handled very rational, and b) can only be seen in a bigger context, e.g. home furniture, and is c) considered as a dangerous topic if you don't know how to wire the cables. We wanted to sell our products highly customised, means B2C because there are already many mass producing companies out there. How could be create a secure feeling without taking the insecurities not serious? 


"An idea without passion means just nothing."

The client already had a first draft of his product. We started with some first comments to understand what we could immediately improve.

The client already had a first draft of his product. We started with some first comments to understand what we could immediately improve.




We saw the technical information about the products as necessary part. The feeling of the the online shop should transport nevertheless a feeling of coziness and intimacy. We wanted to transform authenticity and high quality into the digital space. That's why we decided to work primarily with motioned pictures and as little text as possible. The whole website should feel like one experience without any interruptions. Due to this goal we tried to make the transitions between the sections as smooth as possible with a sliding animation. 



People usually stick to principles. Principles like "Mobile first". And we loved to make sure that our UI design is responsive, too. After talking to 15 potential customers who were buying furniture for their homes, we found out, that the most users would come via Desktop/Laptop to our shop. Do you know why? We found out that ordering light comes together with a relatively high involvement. It's not a product you order while you are sitting at the airport or using the subway to drive to work. Why? Because there are several other facts that have to be considered to make the right decisions. How long should or can the cable of the ceiling lamp be? How do the colors of the different components match to my furniture? 

That's why we focused on our desktop user interface and found a quick solution for the mobile version.

At a later stage we found out that one of the abandonment reasons was the fact that a) difficulty of decisions increases with the amount of options you have, and b) installing a lamp at a ceiling is a big pain point to the users. What we did? We decreased the amount of color options to make it easier to decide (we kept the best-sellers), and added table and standing lamps to the portfolio. We had many people that were visiting our site due to the configurator and the option to play around with shapes, materials and colors. The table and stand lamps sold neverthel

First sketches of the website in april 2014. We wanted to create a one-pager that can be scrolled from top to down in one move.
We developed a lot of different logos. Played with shapes and colors. We learned about the difficulty of fine elements that it's very difficult to use them cross-medial of several different background. The font was an easy decision with it's research-looking "g" that is looking like microscope.

"Our customers don't buy a lamp. They buy a moment of silence and coziness"


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